18th Biennale of Sydney - Cockatoo Island

Marjorie Savill Linthwaite

Rusty white thingy

Tunnel Signage

Thomas Fairweather - Photographer

Heavy Machine Shop Signage

Stargate Theme

Thomas Fairweather - Photographer

Avery spooky tunnel on Cockatoo Island and thank you Thomas for taking this photograph. This was one of the few places were the light was such so I could take my sunglasses off because my eyes are photosensitive to the sunlight. No, I am not a vampire even though my skin is too white. A rusty white thingy but so nautical me thinks.  I can almost imagine an old seasalt standing steadfast in a gale - so familar to  me as a direct descendant of Lord Horatio Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton referring to one of the family-related secrets of the Savilles.  A strange ghost story of haunting concerning this Vice Admiral once  told to me by my late mother which I may recall one day as the truth will out.

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