Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Marlene Dietrich

Die Neue Marlene

David, thank you for the heart-felt gesture of this Christmas gift which reminds me of the close relationship between my late mother and this amazing actor.  I remember how these two cousins would speak in a combination of German and English about things too personal and private about how love comes at too high a price. When I was a little girl with hair like flame and freckles Marlene once said "Marjorie  you will  one-day inherit the glamour and totally bewitch everyone". I am still waiting with a skin too white and hair that defies description.

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Reflections of Christmas

iiiii's Optique, 316 King Street, Newtown

Fragments of Fashion Textiles - UTS

UTS: Fashion Textile Media Exhibition

UTS Fashion & Textiles

Keira Paradice (Menswear, Spring / Summer)  
Vivien Shen (Inception: El Torero)

Patrica Kapeleris (Urban Blight Autumn / Winter)
Jason Widjaja (Protective Clothing Fall / Winter / 2012 - 2013)

Matt Dolan (Rumspringa: Running Around)
Kacey Devlin (Inception - Transeasonal)

Ben Bala (Specific Objects)
Johanna Lark (Navratra)

Jenina Tolentino (Volta)

Sybilla Kenny (Speechless)
Danielle Kremer (Run)

Rebecca Davis (Stripe)
Sally Burgess (Horizons)

Caitlin Murray ( Maramures)
Marcus Kerr (Amanar)

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