Christmas Card - Wanda - 2013

Wanda thank you for the card and being my dearest friend - I know 2013 was extremely trying for you health wise. I wish you the very best in 2014 and I hope you embrace the moment because you have been given a second chance - please do not waste it. My good wishes for 2014 also extend to your partner Bruce and that darling little dog Bobby.

UTS: The Future of Fashion - 13

The Owl at Lunar Park

Keith Hansen - Linocut print - 2010 - courtesy of Marjorie Savill Linthwaite

Dearest Keith - thank you for this gift - totally unexpected but highly prized - I have always harbored a secret desire to learn this craft one day if time permits - first I have to become the writer of the genre - Gothic Horror with ancient Egyptian themes if the gods are willing - only time will tell if enough of my family-related stories will escape from my demon box.  

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Happy Halloween - The Day of the Dead


UTS: Gallery - Phantom Limb

This is my  attempt to capture the visual abstract and decidedly warped family-related realities of the UTS Gallery – Phantom Limb Exhibition. Three artists are featured here in this  minimalist example of UTS: Art – Shoufay Derz, Owen Leong and Cyrus Tang.

Cyrus Tang - 2013

Cyrus Tang - 2013

Owen Leong - Bloodline - 2013

Please bear in mind that the photographs and the text are the intellectual property of Marjorie Savill Linthwaite. However the content of the UTS Gallery: Phantom Limb Exhibition is solely the intellectual property of  Shoufay Derz, Owen Leong and Cyrus Tang.

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Burlesque Doll

The colour blue came into my mindset for some odd reason so I decided to walk down to the Red Cross shop in the hope of finding some blue beads and there was this strange surreal creature sitting in a chair in the shopfront of a tattooist. Many thanks to the young man who accorded me the courtesy of being able to capture this amazing impression on the face of this Burlesque Doll.

Frosted Glass - Greenery

Photographic opportunities sometimes appear in the oddest places - I do not wish to inform the viewer where I found this window with the shaggy fern-like object on the other side of the glass.

Australian White Ibis - Road Kill

I found this experience of being a unwilling witness to this bird's sense of death very upsetting.

Bead Hoarders' Blog Hop Reveal

Midnight Blue Wishes

Idecided on an Oriental-inspired theme relating to my poem 'The Blueberry Morning' for my very simple concept of design. Four things were just needed such as midnight blue cobalt glass beads, Indian glass beads, a venetian glass flower pennant and a very simple clap.  The colour blue is so Moorish and yet at night there is  one shade such as midnight blue which becomes alive and mysterious at night.  Please view the rest of the Bead Hoarders' Blog Hop Reveal courtesy of the amazing Lori McDaniel Anderson

Bead Hoarders - Blog Hop

This image is courtesy of 'pretty things' by Lori McDaniel Anderson

This is work in progress as I have to think how to write what I feel about this unnerving concept of raiding my collection of precious beads too jealously guarded. The history of beads dates back to Atlantis and beyond the stars. Yes the concept of beading is very very ancient and intriguing if you consider how many different realities are possible either as a story-telling medium or expressing status of self because of the value of a bead which were first used as currency. Adornment could also be as simple as using the skin to tattoo such as the example of this Scotish female warrior of the Picts or a funeral death mask of jade worn by Pacal the Great furthered embellished by a collar of jade.

UTS: Tower Lift Shaft

Many thanks to the technician who accorded me the courtesy of being able to photograph inside the lift shaft at the Tower.

The Book of Kells - Plate VIII - Dropcaps and Borders

UTS: Water Cooler Thingy

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Wrought Iron Fence - Rusted

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Revealed and Betrayed

Reflections of Light

Rusting Metal Grid and Brick Wall

Multicoloured Brick Wall with Rusting Metal

Blue Shades of Zen

Painted Brick Wall with Rusted Thingy

Rust on Metal

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Peeling Paint - a hint of blue

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Fly on Mesh

I was intrigued by the fly as I edged closer and closer with my camera posed in the UTS Gallery, how strange how this insect chose not to move.

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Look This Way - Reflections Within

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This little darling is designer hybrid dog referred to a Jack Chi (Jackhuahua) Chihuahua / Jack Russel Terrier Mix.

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Ispotted this item on level two at UTS and my curiosity got the better of me - I do love mechanical things - relating to the German part of my mindset.

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Michel's Patisserie

Sometimes there is the need to sit down and just chill and pre-take of a cherry-ripe sweet with mocha coffee prepared just right with the afterthought of a potato and meat pie.  The day had got away from me so I just had to eat - no planning just instant action of availing my taste buds.

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