Wendy Kelly - Minimalist - Catalogue

Wendy Kelly - Minimalist - Catalogue

Wendy Kelly - Minimalist

The first impression is minimalist with the hidden reality of the complex.

WORLDS A P A R T - Revisited

Art Deco Style Jewellery - Emily Valentine Bullock

Wall Art - Inner City

Wall Art - Inner City _01

Wall Art - Inner City _02

Wall Art - Inner City _03

Wall Art - Inner City_4

Wall Art - Inner City_5

 Wall Art - Inner City_6

Wall Art - Inner City_7

Wall Art - Inner City_8

Wall Art - Inner City_9

Wall Art - Inner City_10

Wall Art - Inner City_11

Wall Art - Inner City_12

My late mother once said "If there is a need for a notice it means you are no longer in control" and this appears to be the case for the owner of this semi-derelict site in Surry Hills. The warning is as follows: Any person found on the premises causing damage to property defacing the walls or any other vandalism will be turned over to the police and dealt with to the full force of the law - in capitals on the front door. On hindsight the artwork in part is so surreal bordering on creepy and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to photograph this small sample of what is lurking within this warehouse space tenanted by creatives such the SOLDIERS Rd Gallery. Although the owner may not be amused at my attempts at  capturing fragments of infinity which is my term for small pieces of time forever frozen in my mind's eye.  This terminology can also refer to events and recalled memories in spaces from the past something one of my lecturers could never quite grasp that concept in regard to a essay I wrote about Elza Emily Dornithorne and the connection to  'Great Expectations' penned by Charles Dickens and the inspiration for the main character was drawn from the author's stay in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

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WORLDS A P A R T - Exhibition

Emily is standing with her recycled feathered creation 'Boxed Dove' at the opening of the WORLDS APART Exhibition at the SOLDIERS Rd Gallery launch. My lasting impression from viewing this artwork is anyone is boxed in one way or another either through family, career, or the unexpected twists of kismet "Life happens and sometimes we wish it did not" - a favourite quote of my grandfather  William Somerset Maugham - Master Story-Teller. This decidedly odd man was also a  butterfly collector mainly for my grandmother Katherine Ruth who was quite  evil if her actions were anything to go by but there is no accounting for the affairs of the heart.

WORLDS A P A R T - Invitation

This image courtesy of the SOLDIERS Rd Gallery - Suite 405 - Level 4 - 342 Elizabeth Street - Surry Hills - Sydney

Thank you Emily for the invitation  and the evening at this  launch of the SOLDIERS Rd Gallery was an amazing and unexpected experience of the senses. The crowded gallery reminded me of a scene from 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' when cocktail parties were all the rage in the 1960s. There was a sense of the Retro effect of the highly stained floorboards contrasting against the untouched part of the wooden flooring. The semi-white cube effect of the walls providing the ideal backdrop for the artwork with glimpses of the  inky night somewhat damp outside through old metal-framed windows. The music provided just the right vibe so jazz-like,  so New Orleans. Lastly, Thank you Daniel, for making me feel welcome and for the record you are gifted if your artwork is any example.

UTS: To Catch a Lift

There  are always the newcomers who step into the lift and try to push buttons covered by the  transparent panel covered in fingerprints of the many who will not come to terms that there are touchpads outside on every level of the tower building 1.

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW - Catalogue

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW 
Links: Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW /

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW

Raw Material: Reclaimed aluminum helicopter tail section - white / steel gray / blue paint - vibration as sound - Image courtesy of Factory 49

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW - 2012_01

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW - 2012_02

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW - 2012_03

Mark Brown - Empennage VH-XXW - 2012_04

This abstract statement of rebirth is like the phoenix rising from the ashes of old.

This installation piece entitled 'Empennage VH-XXW' represented within these four photographs at Factory 49 are the intellectual property of the artist Mark Brown.

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Snapshot of UTS Build Exhibition

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Marjorie - Bluebird Brekkie Bar

This is Autumn last year  outside the UTS Tower, building 1 - and I believe the effect is quite interesting - yes I do like capturing the image of self in a reflective mood.

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A4³ - SMALLWORKS Exhibition

Emily posing with her feathered masterpieces of fantasy at the opening night of the  A4³ - SMALLWORKS Exhibition at the Glass Artist's Gallery.

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Marjorie - Universal Remote

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Margaret Roberts - NO BIG COAL - Catalogue

Margaret Roberts

Marjorie - Double Shadows

I took this photograph at Factory 49 on an impulse because the effect was so quirky and I realise I am not a vampire regardless of the fact I am photosensitive with a skin too white. There are so many odd relatives in my family but I am not going there although I may write about some at a later date because revenge is best served cold. The shadows of the day were drawing in with small reflections of sunlight dancing on the  white walls and the grey cement floor.

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Margaret Roberts - NO BIG COAL

Photograph courtesy of Factory 49

Shapes inspired by the construct of the  electricity meter box. Therefore the abstract concept of 'NO BIG COAL' is arranged to extend the narrative of how costly electricity is to the global environment.

All the components of the 'NO BIG COAL' Installation at Factory 49 represented within these photographs are the intellectual property of Margaret Roberts.

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