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My late mother once said "If there is a need for a notice it means you are no longer in control" and this appears to be the case for the owner of this semi-derelict site in Surry Hills. The warning is as follows: Any person found on the premises causing damage to property defacing the walls or any other vandalism will be turned over to the police and dealt with to the full force of the law - in capitals on the front door. On hindsight the artwork in part is so surreal bordering on creepy and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to photograph this small sample of what is lurking within this warehouse space tenanted by creatives such the SOLDIERS Rd Gallery. Although the owner may not be amused at my attempts at  capturing fragments of infinity which is my term for small pieces of time forever frozen in my mind's eye.  This terminology can also refer to events and recalled memories in spaces from the past something one of my lecturers could never quite grasp that concept in regard to a essay I wrote about Elza Emily Dornithorne and the connection to  'Great Expectations' penned by Charles Dickens and the inspiration for the main character was drawn from the author's stay in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

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