Dreams That Money Can Buy

Adding Machine

This adding machine is just one of many in a collection lent by the Westpac Banking Group Archives for the UTS: Gallery - Creative Accounting curated by Holly Williams.

Links: divinephoenixegg8's UTS: Gallery - Creative Accounting Exhibition / UTS: Gallery - Creative Accounting - 25 October - 25 November / Wordpress: Creative Accounting exhibition / Facebook: UTS Gallery - 'Creative Exhibition' exhibition /

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Pearl Dragon

Antique Whitby Jet Mantilla Comb

There are many stages when courting a Spanish lady in my family and one concerns the Mantilla Comb. The comb is offered as a token of respect by the suitor who has to be related by blood.

Marlene Sarroff - Reveal / Conceal Series 1 - 24 2011

Sydney Opera House + CityScape

Beata Geyer - Monument

Kate MacKay - Squares

X-Ray of Right Hand

No evidence of a recent fracture in the right index finger. There is some soft tissue swelling around the proximal interphalangeal joint

My Shadow Reflected Against Hold Your Breath

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SteamPunk Fragments

These items are sourced from UTS Engineering 

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Mirror Reflections

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