Factory 49 PopUp Group Show

Pam Aitken - $270.00c. each

Kate MacKay - $200.00c. each

Marlene Sarroff - $350.00c. each

Liz Shreeve - $500.00c. / Melinda Harper - $660.00c. and $880.00c.

Wendy Kelly - $250.00c. each

Kay MacKay - $30.00c. each / Alan Rose - $180.00c.

Alan Rose - $180.00c.

Liz Shreeve - $2,200.00c.

Kendal Heyes - $500.00c. each

Barbara Halnan - $150.00c.

Lila Alfiouni - $150.00c. each 

Elizabeth Jonns - Four Years in Cape York

Marlene Sarroff - Loosely Contained

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Books on King - Closing Down Sale

Address: 161 King Street Newtown NSW 2042 
Telephone: (02) 9519 7602

Woman at Work in King Street Newtown

A Street Cat Named Bob - the book

Ziggy's Cafe

Autumn Leaves

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The Queen Mary 2

I was looking for the bus-stop in the gloom at the quay when suddenly  out of the darkness I was confronted with the impressive sight of the cruise liner ' The Queen Mary 2'.  The gates were opened and so I decided as I was here I would try to capture the sense of the nightscape as this ship slowly slid into  the  harbour squid-like ink night with the moon ever so bright.

Kendal Heyes - In Search of Painted Time

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