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A ll this artwork contained within this mosaic has been modified in Photobucket by the photographer Marjorie Savill Linthwaite are the intellectual property of the artists Vincenzo Mascia, Jean Branchet, Piergiorgio Zangara, Renato Milo, Giuseppe Minoretti, Franco Cortiese, Antonio Perrotti, Reale Frangi, Aldo Fulchigon, Alberto Lombardi,Yumiko Kimura, Marta Pilone, Ene Mancino and Sandrino Caruso. 

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MADI Group: Vincenzo Masci

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Jacaranda Petals

I love the scent of Jacaranda's petals crushed underfoot releasing the promise of musky summer evenings full of human elements  so unexpected.

Emily Valentine Bullock: Golden Haired Dashant

This photograph is courtesy of Emily Valentine Bullock
 This image has been modified to further enhance the colours of the feathers. The medium is Golden Pheasant Rooster feathers and mixed media.  Please refer to this link: Flying Forward to view the e-show of the recent artwork of Emily Valentine Bullock at the Jas Hugonnet Gallery of Canberra ACT.

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Columbian Proof Press

The Lady with the Tattoo

Many thanks to this gracious lady for allowing the courtesy of a photograph which shows a vintage example of a tattoo for sailors in the twentieth century in wartime. This photograph is part of the 'King Street, Newtown Series'.

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Emily Valentine Bullock - Animal Instincts Exhibition

Emily Valentine Bullock: Catty Bird

Emily's artistic focus on producing a cat-like bird entity is truly breath-taking and the medium is peacock, duck, and nosy miner feathers. The Cat Advocate Prize of $2,000 which is donated by the Cat Clinic of Willoughby Sydney was awarded to Emily whos uses feathers as paint to create mythological creatures infused with lifelike qualities. The artwork referred to as 'Catty Bird' will be on view at the 16th Annual Miniature Show at the Defiance Gallery at Newtown.

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