In Search of Cemetery Angels

Thank you Annette for taking this photograph.

Cemetery Angel_1

Cemetery Angel_2

Cemetery Angel_3

I decided to go in search of cemetery angels as I wished to acquire an image to use as a watermark on the page of my poem, 'Family Related.'  This introduction by way of poetry will set the tone for my first story 'Sacred Rites' - work in progress. I have to re-edit this story to either improve or expand the narrative of what I deem to be Gothic Horror genre with Ancient Egyptian themes. If you are curious there is an example online 'No Pets Allowed'. I have found an amazing stone angel so Gothic and detailed amazingly on my first visit to the Clovelly cemetery where the sky meets the sea in breath-taking visuals.  This experience has inspired me to think of contructing a series of photographs based on the craftmanship of the stonemason.  On how the angel is still regarded as the protector of the loved ones in their final resting place.  

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