Margel Hinder - Growth Forms

For many years this floor to ceiling sculpture stood on the ground floor of the foyer space of the UTS Tower, in all it's startling array of ugly twisted angles of pitted surfaces tinged with greenish hues of rust.  Margel Hinder's sculpture has had a chequered history first being a prized Modern Abstract artwork in the entrance space of the Western Assurance Company in 115 Pitt Street in 1959.  The building in 1980 was made redendant and the developer quite obviously had no respect for the artist as the decision was made to reduce her 'Growth Forms' to the status of scrap-iron.  The artist rescued, and reassembled the three pieces almost back into her original vision of manipulating the architectural space.  The second home for this sculpture was in the colonnade of the State Office in Macquarie Street and regrettably this building was demolished in 1997.  Thankfully, the Lend Lease Corporation agreed to denote this sculpture to the University of Technology Sydney.  This untitled brazed copper sheet of steel armature sculpture now stands in the Science Building 4 next to the electric doors which lead out into the green space. Therefore the reason for moving this sculpture appears to be that the Modern Abstract artwork is no longer deemed to be suitable for the audiences' gaze. - Revised Extract from my essay 'The Art Gallery Spaces of UTS'.

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